Fujifilm just went X-Trans crazy, and we like it. The Fujifilm X20, which updates the X10, was on show to an invited audience after Fujifilm's official press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show, and Pocket-lint was on hand to get our mitts on it.

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The X20 represents something of a shift for higher-spec compact cameras. It's not only the first 2/3-inch sensor to ditch the low-pass filter - only possible thanks to Fujifilm's proprietary colour array technology - but also the latest sensor that ought to wave goodbye to the white orbs which caused problems for its predecessor. We can't confirm that as yet though, as we've not been allowed to take shots away and haven't had enough time to take a closer look at the images.

fujifilm x20 high end compact camera pictures and hands on image 4

But with image quality improvements anticipated, one thing we can certainly confirm is how much better the X20's viewfinder is. The inclusion of a digital overlay means it's possible to view aperture, shutter speed and select other settings, which was detailed in the original press release.

But in the hand it's clear the X20 goes a little further too: the overlay covers the entirety of the viewfinder so it also shows up corresponding focus areas with a bright green outline. Now that was what was missing from the original X10 and it makes the X20's viewfinder experience a whole lot better.

There is a caveat to that, however, as the optical viewfinder is still limited to an 85 per cent field-of-view, so a preview will still be missing 15 per cent of its outermost edges compared to what the camera then captures in the final shot.

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The design of the X20 is otherwise the very same as its predecessor. The 28-112mm f/2-2.8 lens has the same focal-length-marked barrel and a twist of it will turn the camera on. Nifty stuff.

The X20 that we played with was the silver version and, we think that it looks rather similar to a miniaturised X100S is many respects. Which can only be a good thing, even if just for ego.

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Looks like Fujifilm will knock it out of  the park with the X20. We'll just wait with bated breath to see whether the latest camera's image quality can truly take things to the next level. We sure do hope so.