The Fujifilm FinePix XP170 is a new addition to the FinePix XP range and sneaks in above the XP150 adding Wireless streaming mode to the mix that lets you send images to an iPhone app after you've taken them. Pocket-lint got a quick hands-on with the new camera.

Identical to the current XP150 and XP100, it comes with a 14-megapixel CMOS sensor with 5x optical zoom. The lens provides a focal range of 28-140 mm (35 mm equivalent) for a wide variety of shots, and the FinePix XP150/100 also offers CMOS sensor shift image stabilisation to reduce camera shake, and have a decent ISO range from 100 to 3200. You'll also get continuous shooting at up to 10 fps and Full HD 1080p movie capture at 30 fps. There's also an underwater movie function.

Tough specs include waterproofing to 10 metres, freezeproofing to -10 degrees and shockproofing up to a 2-metre drop. The optics also have a water-repellent coating. If you happen to stump up for the XP150, you'll also get high sensitivity GPS with electronic compass and tracking.

Where the XP170 is different however is the addition of a new button on the top edge that launches a Wi-Fi feature. The system works by communicating directly with a dedicated app that you have on your iPhone allowing you to send the images across at the press of the button once you've paired the two. The catch is that unlike the XP150 whereby you get GPS, here you don't in favour of what many would say is a better, more useful offering.

Chris Hall, editor at Pocket-lint had this to say about the XP150: "Overall, the Fujifilm FinePix XP150 is a nice-looking camera that's a easy to use and meets the tough demands placed upon it. 

"However, where the XP150 stumbles is in the results. Although we've enjoyed using the XP150 and it has given us some nice shots, there are too many foibles along the way and too many shots that could or should be better.

"It's worth considering that this model is available for around £180 which, considering it includes the GPS, makes it more affordable than some similarly specced rivals. If you're accident prone or want a camera to take those action shots in the water or on the pistes, then the XP150 makes owning one much more affordable.

"If image quality is more important, if this is going to be your everyday camera, then it might be worth weighing up rival models before parting with your cash."

You can read Chris's full review here.

The new XP170 will be available in orange and blue and cost £219.