(Pocket-lint) - While the Fujiflim X-Pro1 may have stolen the stand at CES 2012, the limited edition Fujifilm X100 Black certainly looks a classy little number all of its own.

Virtually identical to the hugely successful X100 from 2011, the Black edition does pretty much what it says on the tin by taking the case from a silver colour to all black instead. According to Fujifilm, this was no mean feat with the high quality black metal used actually very tricky to get all in the exact same shade.


Naturally, the X100 Black also comes with a few accessories to help differentiate it, as well as justify the cost, of course. The camera comes with a black metal adapter ring, lens hood, protector filter, red-lined leather camera case and a nice black presentation box to house the lot.

The final piece of the limited edition bundle is a message card from the head honcho of Fujifilm, Takeshi Higuchi, which acts as a certificate of authenticity and tells you which number model is yours between 1 and 10,000.


The Fujifilm X100 Black will be available to buy from the end of February. As for how much it will cost, Fujifilm would not say but advised we estimate with "the cost of the silver X100, plus the adapter ring, plus the lens hood, plus the leather case, plus alpha". Your guess is as good as ours, then.

Writing by Dan Sung.