One for the tough ones out there, the Fujifilm FinePix XP30 is an update to the company’s more tougher range of cameras and we managed to get some hands-on time with the new camera at CES in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately and it’s worth pointing this out straight away we weren’t able to test the new GPS geotagging functionality as we were inside and the cameras were attached to a wire that was a attached to a large desk that no matter how hard we tried wasn’t budging enough to be dragged off the show floor into the desert.

fujifilm finepix xp30 hands on image 2

Still what we were able to get a feel for was the build quality the speed of the camera and what to expect come later this month when they will be in the shops ready to buy for your adventurous life you’ve promised yourself in 2011.

It’s small, will be easy to fit in your trucks pocket and comes with rubberized backing, but importantly not rubberized buttons for easy use in the pool.

As for the GPS the camera, say Fujifilm, will even go as far as calculating the distant from your current location to the place where a tagged photo was taken, which, say the company, is “perfect if you want to return to that fab snowboarding spot or gorgeous beach you took a photo of and can’t remember where it was.”

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to image search by Landmarks and Cities and create a personal travel library that can be mapped to Google Maps via My FinePix Studio

fujifilm finepix xp30 hands on image 5

Aside from the GPS, the camera, like Olympus’ tough range laughs in the face of water, shock and dirt being waterproof up to 5m, shockproof up to 1.5m, and dust and freeze proof to minus 10-degrees Celsius as well.

The 14-megapixel camera also has a 5x optical zoom range and a healthy range of picture taking functions like motion panorama mode and CCD-shift image stabilization.

Out this month, the XP30 will be available in a range of colours and will cost under £200.

One to check out if you plan to spend the rest of the year on a mountain, in the desert or just by the pool.