(Pocket-lint) - Aside from a bevy of cameras like the Fujifilm FinePix X100 and the HS20 at CES in Las Vegas this year, Fujifilm has launched a new instant film camera within its Instax range for those wanting a bit of retro love.

Adding a new smaller, lighter and more compact camera to the range, the Fujifilm Instax 50S is a new instax camera that this time around lets you adjust the shutter speed incrementally, so you get good pictures even in low light without having to blast your subjects with the included flash.

Taking the standard Instax mini cartridges you’ll get 10 shots per pack and the ability to get close-up shots up to 30 cm for a 2:1 magnification ratio.


Meanwhile back at the stand and a quick snap later, the film pops out of the bottom for you to wait for it to process in front of your eyes Polaroid style - just remember you shouldn't "shake it like a Polaroid picture" though.

In reality it is of course an incredibly expensive way of doing things, and you could argue that you can get quicker, better looking shots from your camera or your phone, but then you just know those memories aren’t won't be as nostalgic.

What do you think? Has film had its day?

Writing by Stuart Miles.