EE chief Olaf Swantee claims that by 2017 EE will sell more connected devices than it currently does smartphones and he could be right, especially on the evidence of the 4GEE Action Cam.

It's a 1080p GoPro rival that has the added benefit of being the only rugged sports camera on the market capable of streaming live footage over a 4G connection (or 3G in non-coverage areas). And Pocket-lint got to see one in action, pardon the pun.

The package EE presents is a compelling one. Aside from its network capabilities, the Full HD camera also comes with a Viewfinder Watch with screen as there isn't one on the rear of the camera itself. Plus, there are separate hard and softer cases supplied, with the former being completely waterproof for underwater shooting. However, that does not allow for audio recording too, so the softer case - which is still fairly robust - is the better option for circumstances where sound is also required.

As well as watch the action on the Viewfinder Watch, the camera can also be linked to an iPhone, iPad or Android device through a companion app, so all bases are covered. And you can either view the video through a direct link up to the camera or over the internet, thanks to the livestreaming functionality.

Pocket-lint4gee action cam hands on is livestreaming over 4g going to give gopro sleepless nights image 6

The Action Cam is also capable of taking 13-megapixel still images and has an aperture of f/2.8. The aspect ratio of the image sensor is 4:3 rather than widescreen, but we saw great, wide footage sent to an iPhone 6 so it is clearly capable. It is a fixed focus camera, but with a 1/2.3-inch wide angle lens so should cover all the basics.

As well as the LTE 4G and UMTS 3G connectivity, there is also 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi on board so you can switch to that mode to save data limits in hotspot areas. And battery life is claimed to last up to 4.56 hours when shooting 1080p video. It is capable of shooting at 60fps.

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The camera has 4GB of internal storage (2.5GB usable), but you can also add a microSD card for up to 64GB more. And it weighs just 128g.

From the brief time we got to wield one we were impressed with both the live and streamed footage (which was streamed through partner Skeegle, the free, private service). Indeed, on an iPhone 6 they looked of comparative quality and that was streamed over an EE 4G connection, albeit in 720p.

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The launch presentation also included a livestream from London's Wembley Stadium, where urban adventure James Kingston walked over the iconic arches high above the pitch. It was a bit pixelated in places when blown up to around 55-inches (the TV viewed on) but that can only be expected and it was still very watchable considering it was sent through 4G only.

And that's really the point of the 4GEE Action Cam. It might not be most extreme sports enthusiasts first choice, with heavyweights like GoPro and Sony leading the field, but it offers something completely new in its mobile data connectivity and that could well be a deciding factor.

We'll know more when we get one in for test in the coming weeks.

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The 4GEE Action Cam will be available from 16 June for £10 a month with no up-front cost (for a limited launch period) for existing EE network customers. That comes with 2GB of storage a month.

After the limited launch window it will cost £99 and £10 a month or £15 a month with no up-front fee.

Pay-as-you-go prices start at £299 for the camera with 2GB of data that must be used within 30 days or £399 for the camera with 2GB of data able to be used across a 12 month period.

Data top ups start at £2 for 100MB for 30 days. Roaming data add-ons will also be available for those in other countries.

It will be available in store and online from EE stores and also through select retailers including Amazon.