(Pocket-lint) - Casio used the Photokina 2012 camera trade show to launch another addition to its Exilim range, this time in the shape of the 24x optical zoom EX-H50.

Given the large zoom, this superzoom is more on the slender size. It's not a patch on the likes of the bulkier Canon SX50 HS, for example.


Many will find this small size an attractive part of the H50's design, but in the hand we were a little less impressed. It's just a bit plasticky, which, although not unexpected, lacks the finesse of some competitors.

That wouldn't be a big problem but this Exilim's autofocus isn't nearly as fast as some of its sister models, including the newly announced Exilim ZR1000 (which we thought was rather impressive).

The Casio EX-H50 is designed for those who just want to point, zoom and shoot by the look of things. The mode dial comes equipped with a number of basic modes, rather than offering full manual control, but this is fitting to its target audience.


The lens is a decent wide-angle, starting up at a 25mm equivalent and extending through to a significant 600mm equivalent. However the f/3.7-8.0 aperture means it'll be tough to shoot in low light at the full extent of the zoom. Fortunately there's sensor-shift stabilisation to help things out to some degree.

We don't think other superzoom makers are going to be quaking in their boots over this one, but if the price is held to a favourable level then we see no reason why the H50 won't do well. If the autofocus system was further improved then we'd feel a little more kind about this model, as it is it's just, well, a bit average.

Writing by Mike Lowe.