Canon’s PowerShot range offers up some surprising models, from the S95 and G12 at the top end, down to larger, more affordable models at the bottom. In the "travel zoom” section you’ll find the great SX220 HS and a cheaper alternative, the SX150 IS.

The Canon PowerShot SX150 IS isn’t as smart as the SX220, the larger body and plastic feeling to the build fits its sub-£200 price tag. The size means it might not slip into your pocket quite as readily as you might like. Sure, it will slip into the pocket of your Barbour easily enough, but not your Levis. 

What it does offer you though is a camera with plenty of grip. If you struggle to keep smaller models under control, then perhaps you should pay a little more attention to a camera like this, as there is plenty of body to hang on to.

There is a slightly basic feel to the SX150 which comes from the larger controls, but if you’re familiar with Canon cameras, you’ll find everything where you expect it to be.


The top mode dial offers most of your shooting controls and its exposed rear edge means it’s easy to flick around with the thumb. The flash is a slight oddity, requiring manual opening and closing.

The 3-inch screen on the rear is vibrant and clear, although the 230k-dots resolution isn’t very sharp and shows where the camera has been specced to a price point. 

You do get manual as well as auto and smart shooting options, so there is plenty on offer, along with that stabilised 28-336mm (in 35mm terms) lens.

We prefer the premium feel and specification of the PowerShot SX220 HS over this cheaper alternative, but if you’re on a budget for a travel zoom, this might fit the picture at £199.