BabyPing is a wireless webcam that allows you to monitor your baby in his or her cot, all from the comfort of your sofa via your iPhone or iPad. The system consists of two parts: a wireless camera that connects to your home network, via Wi-Fi, and a dedicated app for your iPhone or iPad.

The key selling point here is simplicity. While it's possible to set up a similar system up with the independent components, BabyPing makes it incredibly easy using a one-box (two if you count the iPhone) solution.  


To set up, you start by connecting the camera to your router, load the app and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve set up the camera - which, incidentally, we’ve tested before, but for security applications - you are ready to put it in your nursery. You will need a power socket close to the cot.

Once in the nursery the camera is fairly discreet. An automatic night vision mode switches on whenever it detects darkness, and, importantly, the camera does this without blasting the baby's room with light, so you won't wake your bundle of screams in the night when checking on them. 


As BabyPing uses your Wi-Fi network to operate it doesn't send off or receive any extra signals. That means you don’t pick up your neighbours baby monitor by accident. And, despite it sending video over our network, we didn’t notice a drop in our web surfing while the system was running.

Loading the accompanying app for your iPhone or iPad is free. As long as you are on the same wireless network you can "dial" into the camera to have a gander.

The app is clever enough to detect sound to give you a warning, but all without giving you a tonne of static like most monitors do. The camera itself is good enough to work when there is little to no light, meaning you can pretty much see what’s going on even when the lights are out.


We especially like the option of setting the alerts to vibrate, so you don't even have to disturb the rest of the room when your baby starts crying. Handy at a dinner party, for example. Those who are really paranoid will also presumably like the fact that you can have the camera running constantly, even if you want to do something else with your iPad or iPhone. 


If you are looking for a more high-tech baby monitoring solution BabyPing certainly delivers.

It is easy to set up, works well in use, and the added benefit of being Wi-Fi means your wireless network isn’t affected by the radio signal from a more traditional baby monitoring system.

Clever, but at £165 it's expensive.