(Pocket-lint) - For the most part a digital photo frame is a device that looks like a regular photo frame with the added bonus of being digital. But HANNspree didn't seem to get that memo and so have released a digital photo frame that looks like a giraffe. Raving mad or the next big thing? Read on to find out.

Yes it's a giraffe and yes it's looking at you. That's the main thing you'll want to say about this photo frame from HANNspree.

A part of the company's Zoo range (there is a polar bear, elephant and panda too), the cuddly looking giraffe stands around 22-inches high, is firm but soft, and has a pair of eyes that are constantly looking at you. While it's not a duck, those suffering from anatidaephobia should probably steer clear. 

Of course this isn't just a cuddly giraffe and where you would expect its belly you get an 8-inch 840 x 480-pixel LCD display and control panel for selecting and navigating through images.

Before we get to the operation of said frame, it's worth pointing out what you get around the back. There is a bank of small speakers so you can play back music or sound (pretty poor it has to be said), a power in socket (it's not battery powered) and a memory card reader that takes USB, CompactFlash, SD, SDHC, MemoryStick, MemoryStick Pro, and xD-Picture cards. There's also a 3.5mm jack for headphone listening.

Back around the front again and under the screen are numerous control buttons. You can completely ignore them though as the giraffe also comes with a credit card sized remote control.

Pressing the menu button gives you access to a number of choices, including playback of photos, video and music, while a calendar and file manager icon complete the circular set of options. JPEG for images, MP3 for music and MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4 for video are all offered.

Slamming in a memory card allows it to switch from its internal memory (260MB) to the card and once you've done that you can the let it roll through your photos to your heart's content.

Portrait images automatically rotate the right way around and there are 15 slide transitions in total ranging from fade in to blind horizontal and you can set the interval time at phases between 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

Those looking to turn this photo frame into a clock can have a very basic clock displayed on top of the photos in the bottom left-hand corner and options like whether or not to have music playing can be turned off (thankfully). The super lazy can have it set to come on at a set time as well as go off at a set time. You can't, however, set those times differently for different days.

There is no Wi-Fi connectivity, no Frame Channel or widget support, this is just a photo frame that looks like a giraffe.


While the frame is incredibly basic in it's offering, the screen isn't actually as bad as we were expecting. It's no Sony or even an iPad doubled up as a photo frame, but then neither of those will stand-in for an excellent prop for Chatroulette either (yes we've tested that and had relativity good success).

Where the giraffe digital photo frame works, and works well, is that it's a bit of fun for your kids bedroom. The plush element of the giraffe is very cute, soft to touch, but rigid enough to stand without flopping over.

If it's for the kids they are likely to love it so much they'll want to take it to bed. Elsewhere however and your décor might not be able to take it.

Writing by Stuart Miles.