It's all very well memory cards getting smaller and smaller, but that doesn't then help when it comes to connecting them to older devices like your laptop.

One of the smallest cards available is the MicroSD card. Smaller than your little finger's fingernail, the card can carry up to 4GB and be lost in an instant.

But if you manage to keep it longer than a gambler with his pot of cash in a casino then getting it connected to your PC when it's not in a phone is near impossible.

Why? Well because most memory card readers won't take them unless they are tucked into standard SD card and then if you do opt for this option you've still got to carry around a SD Card reader.

So in steps aptly named Kingston 2GB Secure Digital Flash Card with MicroSD Card Reader.

Rather than relying on you having to carry yet another cable, or a SD card with additional SD Card reader, the Kingston offering manages to squeeze a microSD reader into a USB dongle that is still smaller than your average USB memory drive.

When in use, the microSD Card Reader appears as a drive letter (i.e. E:) and data transfer is as simple as drag and drop as if it were a memory drive.


If you are in to transferring data around on this new mini format, then this is certainly one way to go to ensure that you remain wire free. The speeds are faster than transfer via Bluetooth, however like the microSD card itself, the dongle is equally as small in comparison - we've already lost it twice in our bag.

Still, a good option for microSD lovers.