Digital picture frames are fast becoming the rage, but while it's one thing to get your images on to the frame via a memory card, what you really want is to be able to download your images via a Wi-Fi connection across the web without even being in the room.

Imagine the brilliance of coming down in the morning to see a new picture of your grand daughter - or for the younger readers - your mate passed out in the street from a drinking session the night before.

i-Mate Momento 100 digital picture frame promises just that and a range of other connectivity options including setting up an RSS as well as allowing you to MMS or even email a message to your frame once you've signed up to the company's website.

On show is a clear bright 10-inch display with a white and clear boarder. Tucked behind said border is a memory card reader capable of reading MMC, SD, xD, SmartMedia, and Memory Stick while a USB socket allows for images to also be viewed via the a USB drive.

Failing that you can also stream images via Windows Media Player via the wireless network or and this is the exciting bit via your loging at i-Mate's support site -

To start with, you'll get the chance to transfer 100 images to your digital photo frame (thereafter its $39.99 a year) and you can even invite friends to submit images to your screen on your behalf and remove permission if they start sending you filth.

From the site you can also upload further images you find on the web, or subscribe to flickr RSS feeds to have images streamed straight away - ideal if you run a flickr account to share your photos or just fancy getting pictures of other people in your living room (hey it beats the fake photos you get in photo frames).


In practice and it all works incredibly easily with the main focus of control either a small remote control, or via the web interface.

We are a tiny bit put out by the $40 fee that is associated with the use of the website, but then if you want to share images with your family when you aren't even in the room this is a great way of doing it.

Setup is a sync, and in use the unit works really well too.

If you want more from your photo gram than just the ability to look at pictures you've loaded onto a memory card this is certainly one good way of doing it.