If you're sick of asking people when you are on holiday to take a picture of you and your girlfriend/boyfriend one company thinks it has the answer.

The QuikPod pro+ is the world's first extendable hand held tripod that stretches your reach so it looks like someone else took the picture.

The idea behind the device is that by setting your camera's self timer you can make it look like someone else took the picture without having to ask someone and then sit and watch then fumble with your camera's settings.

Light (it weights less than a pair of sunglasses) the QuikPod extends from just 7.5in to 18.5in and according to the company is great for when you are "out and about on your own".

We tested the camera arm with our Canon 400D and although it took the weight (the maximum is 450grams), you would need a strong hand. Better still, testing it with a compact camera the QuikPod was easy to use although we did feel very self conscious using it even at PMA when everyone around you is more interested in looking at the latest products.

I think it would also be fairly easy for someone to swipe it while you were standing there, arm stretched out.


The QuikPod pro+ is a great gimmick and no doubt will appeal to video bloggers presenting without the support of a cameraman.

However where the device might prove more use is to hold a flash for more professional photography needs.

Still as the picture above shows, it does actually work, you'll just look a little silly using it in public.