(Pocket-lint) - The Cubelite is a portable studio in a box that provides a light tent of varying sizes from 2ft growing to 6ft in size (we tested the 3ft version) and lighting kit that provides a controlled lighting environment for just about anything that will fit inside the cube that you want to photograph.

The kit includes the Cubelite cube, a 500w tungsten bulb, and lamp, a light stand, two-sided silver and white reflector, white background and carry case. The Cubelite springs open into its square shape with a little shake when released from its circular carry case and it can be place onto a work surface (as in the case for the smaller ones such as this one I’m testing) or left freestanding if it’s a larger model.

The tripod style lamp is set up so that it can shine light through the fabric from the outside on one side or the other of the cube while the background is fixed in place inside, using elastic loops and supplied clips.

The lamp must be around 18-inches from the cube and that reflector positioned inside and opposite the lamp. The item to be photographed goes inside the cube and you move the lamp or reflector or item around until you get the desired light/shadow distribution. In total, it takes about 10 minutes to go from boxed kit to snapping your first shot.

What makes the Cubelite work is the way light is scattered around the cube thanks to the material it’s made from thus keeping reflections and spectral highlights to a minimum. And because the light is high key and diffuse, it’s suitable to almost any type of product or still-life photography, from macro work on flowers for example to larger items - depending on the type of Cubelite you own/buy.


The Cubelite provides professional looking lighting for professional results without the cost of a professional studio or pro photographer.

Results are consistent and given the initial seemingly pricey cost, you could recoup the money quickly.

Add to that its simplicity of use and how easy it is to set up, the fact you can take it almost anywhere as well and even metallic or shinny/glossy surfaced subjects become a snip to snap and the Cubelite is quite simply brilliant.

Writing by Doug Harman.