The Epson Photo Viewer P-1000 is a portable handheld screen measuring 3.8 inches that allows you to view images a lot bigger than you can on your digital camera. It’s essentially an electronic photo frame.

Having the same photo on your desk of the family can be boring, this way you can change the image everyday or even have a slide show. Alternatively you can use the device about town to view your images larger than you would on the back of a digital camera.

About three years ago Sony had the same idea, but restricted the unit to using the Memory Stick. This device not only takes a Compact Flash Card, but also has a built in 10Gb Hard drive. The compact flash slot means that you can get adapters to fit your memory format easily while the hard drive offers roughly enough space to store 7000 images. Better still because the device is made by Epson - a printer company - you can connect it directly to a printer without the need of a PC or Mac.

With a screen resolution of 640x480 you can’t really grumble on the quality. Okay so it’s not the best in the world, but out in the field the quality is good enough to view your digital images as well as share with others.

Price when reviewed:

The photo viewer is a nifty device that certainly makes looking at images very easy. However, virtually all digital cameras come with a cable to view images on a television, and we can't help feeling therefore this is only an expensive fab gadget for the person who has everything.