We’d all like to own a digital camera, and with prices coming down this dream is becoming a fast reality. Okay, so the realms of the 4 mega-pixels and above are out of the reach of most if you are on limited funds, but for those who have even £100, there are plenty of models available. Digital Dream, famous last year for releasing a £40 camera that seemed to be on every Christmas list has decided to venture further up the digital mega pixel ladder and release a 2mp variety, the charm - it's still under £100.

Digital Dream's 2.1 mega pixel camera - the Epsilon 2.1 offers a 4x digital zoom, five white balance settings and the ability to set exposure manually. The camera also has a competent macro mode activated via a switch on the front. Those feeling the urge to keep in touch with others in person can do so by connecting the camera to the PC it becomes a fully operational webcam.

Images on the whole where very good for a camera of this price and quality. On finer inspection, the camera had trouble coping with fine patterns like etching in the headlamps of the car. The image suffered slightly from noise on solid colours.

Digital Dream Epsilon 2.1
Price when reviewed:

For a relatively cheap price, this camera shows that reasonable images can be obtained. Against the competition however, is doesn't fair too well, and unfortunately for Digital Dream, the bigger manufacturers such as Kodak, Olympus and Fujifilm all have 2mp cameras that are all coming down drastically in price.