With the PC becoming the entertainment system of home, why can't it become a video editing suite as well? Pinnacle Systems hopes to turn your PC into a fully functional editing suite with the help of a nifty little gadget and some very easy-to-use software.

Offering S-Video In, Composite (that's yellow RCA) Video In and Stereo Audio In the LINX device allows you to transfer video, DVD or your camcorder moments. It's simple and easy.

The device comes with three software programs to get you on your way quickly and easily. Pinnacle Studio 8 LE, EZ Movie and Photo Burner. These allow you to quickly create your movies and then publish them to a variety of formats whether its back to the camcorder, AVI files to send to friends via Email or on to VCD to play on a friend's DVD player.

Price when reviewed:

Eight years ago something like this required you to spend thousands on professional editing boards and equipment, Pinnacle has managed to do this connectivity for under £50. Whether its making movies of the little ones to embarrass them later or because you are a budding Steven Spielberg this is a great option to turn your PC into an editing suite without breaking the bank.