Whenever anyone makes home movies, there is always that point in the recording where some bugger waves, or someone doesn’t realise the camera is on still and you get a further five minutes in the bag as the camera is taken to the car. Anyone who has played with a camcorder has done it. In the past it’s been a pain, the bit you have to excuse your incompetence and fast forward.

Roxio hope to get rid of that embarrassment with its Videowave Movie Creator; a simple but effective program that gives you a host of options when it comes to creating and presenting your latest video masterpieces.

Like most video editing software packages, the program is broken down into a number of key areas to allow simply and effective management of your files. The first area that you will come across is the EasyCapture and as the name suggests, it’s pretty easy to work out what is going on. If you’ve got any web cams or capture cards already plugged in your system, the software instantly recognises them, and likewise for DV camcorders you have attached as well. In fact the machine we tested it on instantly fired up our webcam and to our surprise there we were staring back at ourselves as we began testing [very scary indeed - Ed.].

Once you set up your capture devices, perhaps recorded the odd bit of movie from your webcam, it’s on to the choice of what you want to do with your captured file. Here you have three options; CineMagic, StoryBuilder or StoryLineEditor.

CineMagic, a program in its own right and originally sold separately, allows you to create movies to a given song whilst applying a set style such as nostalgia or action at the same time. This is great for those who aren’t really sure of what they want to do with their video clips, as the program edits away in tune with the music to give you an ever-changing result. However once you get more involved with editing and the program, the likelihood of actually using this element on a regular basis is slim, that said what it does it does well.

StoryBuilder gives you the chance to create stories from your individual clips and again attaching them to different styles, Videowave will put end and opening captions on for you to create a whole package. Again this is a very basic template based section with plenty of choices such as weddings easter and birthday's already available for you. Like CineMagic it is ideal for beginners with little focus or direction when they start.

StoryLineEditor is the most advanced of the three options and it gives you the ability to edit your video, trim clips, select transitions, add soundtracks, effects, text and much more to your home movies. This really is the strong point of the suite and one that will suit any beginner wanting to develop his or her skills further. Once you’ve finished, like the other two, your files can be saved and then exported to a variety of formats.

Digital formats include VCD, DVD, and an upload to the web option that automatically processes your file to optimise it for publication on the web. In addition to the digital methods you can also output it to a TV (if connected) so you can record via an analogue VCR to then send to friends not as web or technology savvy as yourself.

Price when reviewed:

Overall this program is a great start for any beginner looking to edit some home movies on their PC. For those who have done this thing before, Videowave is a little basic, and the numerous American templates will soon become annoying and discarded. However, this program professes nothing more that to let you start making and sharing your own home movies in no time, and to that extent it does exactly what it says on the tin.