GoPro has established a clutch of ardent followers and fans alike; people that love to "do their thang" and capture it via the mountable mini cam in the process. But more and more movie-makers are getting on board with the mighty miniature, which has even been used to capture scenes in a wide range of broadcast TV shows. And now there's a Steadicam for it.

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The Steadicam Smoothee can accomodate the GoPro's mount for smooth-like-butter shots when moving. The Steadicam's counterbalance is adjustable, so whether you're a GoPro HD Hero2 or Hero3 user the different weights can be accomodated to ensure the correct "floating" position.

The Steadicam Smoothee for GoPro HD Hero really works too. It's an established name for a reason, and the preview shots we saw on the back of the camera held up really well, irrelevant of how much hand jiggery we threw at it.

We doubt movie-makers are all going to drop their main rigs, but it's quirky kit like this that opens the doors for amateurs to experiment with professional techniques.