(Pocket-lint) - If there's one thing you can bet you'll see at any consumer technology trade show, it's thousands upon thousands of iPhone accessories.

Cases are a particular favourite and, with so many manufacturers looking to come up with something different - and usually failing - it made a very nice change to stumble upon MiVue. The MiVue is a tough case and camera lens combination that turns your iPhone 4 or 4S into a makeshift rugged camcorder.

There's nothing sophisticated in terms of the software, you just use the normal camera app, but what's nice is that the MiVue comes with both a clamp, in case you want to attach it to the handlebars of your bike, and an entire body harness if you're doing something more like skiiing. Whatever your choice, make sure it's extreme. The custom designed optical glass lens is even a wide-to-fish-eye affair to make it look like you're in some kind of skate video with your POV footage.


The toughen case and mount is made of some kind of ridiculously hardcore nylon which we tried very hard to break in true Theo Paphitis style but couldn't. When asked whether it'd withstand a hardcore impact, the reply was that the only kind it wouldn't was the kind you wouldn't be walking away from either - not the nicest image but a point well made.

The MiVeu kit is available to buy now for just under $80 which makes it a seriously good budget option compared to a dedicated GoPro package that comes in at something like four times the price. It also includes splash-proof iPhone screen covers to remove all worries from the back of your mind.

Writing by Dan Sung.