Jessops is set to introduce an exclusive tablet that will sit alongside its in-store kiosks in order to make printing your snaps even easier.

Produced by software company Lucidiom - which provides the software for Jessops' printing kiosks - the tablet runs on Windows 7 and will offer all the same photo printing options as the kiosks. The tablets will feature a USB port so that you'll be able to bring your USB stick or storage device into store in order to edit and prints your snaps. You'll also be able to prints pictures from SD card, or simply transfer snaps from your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-enabled portable devices.

The screen size wasn't confirmed, but the tablet on show looked to be around 12in. However, this is just the initial model, so it could well be slightly different by the time it reaches stores and the company intends to move with tablet trends as they develop, so we could well be seeing tablets sporting different screen sizes turning up in stores in the future. We found the tablet itself to be a little on the heavy side, so we wouldn't be suprised if a slightly smaller device replaces the somewhat chunky device that we saw. 

The UI was very simple to use and is basically a newer version of the kiosk software, ported over to the tablet. The device itself didn't feel quite as responsive as the top tier tablets like the iPad, but the touch operation was still fairly impressive.

Lucidiom's European marketing manager, Michael A. Clayton-Gale, told us: "People are making more and more use of tablet devices and that's a trend that we're keen to get involved with. While we expect to keep our kiosks in-store, the tablet will offer people the flexibility to move around the store or sit down while they deal with their snaps - ideal for those who have their hands full with shopping or who've got the children with them while they shop. The tablets are due to hit stores a selection of stores, initially in Manchester , in September 2011. We're keen to see how customers react - and we'll be taking note of any feedback for future versions of the software. 

"We expect the tablets to be available in a large number of stores by Christmas and we would hope that they would be in all stores by early 2012."