Toshiba has launched its new Journe Air digital photo frame range.

Currently made up of the Journe Air 801 and Journe Air 1000, both frames boast Wi-Fi functionality meaning you can link them up to your favourite RSS feeds or stream your Flickr and Picasa photos directly to the frame without having to load them on directly.

The Journe Air 1000 is the flagship model of the range, featuring a 10-inch 16:9 backlit LCD screen, with 1GB of internal memory and a memory card slot for expansion.

One of the main benefits of the Air 1000 over its smaller sibling is that it can receive internet radio with up to 50 preset channels, and is supplied with a remote control so you can organise the frame from a distance.

Other features on the frame include audio playback, calendar, clock and alarm.

The Journe Air 801 on the other hand is a little smaller at 8.4-inches and features just 128MB internal memory meaning you'll have to rely on a memory card to hold most of your content.

Similarly to the Air 1000, the Air 801 also includes integrated speakers, an alarm, clock and calendar, but in addition includes full touch sensor controls, as well as "Sub-View" and "3D Album".

Sub-View allows the Air 801 to interact with computers virtually by extending the surface of desktops, while the 3D Album mode allows users to merge images with sound and virtual animation for funky slideshows.

The frames will cost £169.99 and 139.99 respectively with availability to be announced.

We got our hands on them at their launch, so check out the link below for some more pictures of what you can expect.