Toshiba has announced that it is entering into the pocket camcorder market with the launch of four new pocket camcorders ranging from £99 up to £179.

The flagship model will be the S10, which promises to be the size of a mobile phone, however still able to deliver 1080p resolution for recording high-def video.

The Camileo S10 will also feature a 2.5-inch screen, 4x digital zoom and a 5-megapixel sensor for snapping still images.

Storage options are either recording on to the camera's 128MB of built-in memory or to an SD card. It will cost £129.99 in the UK when it launches shortly.

The rest of the new "Camileo" range will be made up of three other devices including the Camileo H20, a traditional camcorder. It will also sport 1080p resolution, a 5x optical zoom, HDMI socket for connecting to a TV, H.264 HD format support, a 5MP camera sensor, a 3-inch TFT screen and last for 4 hours on a single charge. It will cost £179.99

The P30 will offer the same as the S10, however, it will come in a larger "pistol grip" design. It will cost £149.99. Toshiba will also offer the P10, which looks to be the same as the Camileo P30, with a few tweaks.

All models will be on the market in the UK by May.