Toshiba has introduced the Gigaframe Q8 range, a series of 8-inch digital photo frames featuring video and audio support.

The two new models in the Gigaframe Q8 range, the Q80 and Q81, both feature an 8-inch LCD screen, housed in a removable black lacquer bezel - with more colours available to buy.

The Gigaframe claims to deliver pin sharp images and a vibrant colour palette, thanks to a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, and will automatically resize images to fit the 4:3 screen.

The Q81 also gets a tilt and light sensor and an integrated rechargeable battery pack for thirty minutes of viewing away from mains power.

Changing settings is done via the eight soft touch LED sensors "hidden" along the front of the frame that are motion activated.

The Gigaframe can display Motion JPEG video and AVI and MOV files if converted with the bundled software. The Gigaframe will also play MP3 audio files via two integrated 0.5W speakers.

There's 128MB integrated flash memory and USB 2.0 PC hook up but the Gigaframe will also work with SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro and XD memory cards.

Toshiba's Gigaframe Q8 range is available now, with prices starting at £94.99.