Toshiba has announced a new high-capacity SDHC Memory Card for digital camera users that can hold a whopping 8GB of images.

The new card, which will arrive in shops in January 2007 promises to give more space to users for saving data.

For those keen to capture video it means that they will be able to record a maximum of 3 hours 10 minutes of standard definition video in the MPEG2 format.

The new SDHC (SD High Capacity) Memory Card has a data write speed of at least 4GB/second.

Unfortunately the card won't work with every SD Card based device on the market. Toshiba has said that the SDHC Memory Card cannot be used for devices which do not support SD Memory Card Ver2.00 standard, as the file formats differ.

Toshiba has yet to set a price for the new card however based on previous price points, it is expected to be around £180.