Toshiba's Camileo SX900 is the latest addition to their line-up of camcorders, offering Full HD capture recording to your choice of SD/SDHC or SDXC.

It features a the traditional flip-out screen, which is 2.7-inches and will swivel right back flat against the body of the camera. The menu controls, etc, lie along the side of the camcorder, accessed when you flip the screen out.

It is a glossy number, so does get a little smeary with your fingerprints as you manhandle it.

9x optical zoom sit inside that body and all the usual shooting options are there, including face and colour tracking, amusingly in a section of the menu called "TARGET A SUBJECT" which sounds like you are going to shoot the President or something.

Operation seemed simple enough in out brief play and we'll be looking to review the SX900 closer to its arrival in stores in July. For all the details, head over to our news story. In the meantime, check out all these lovely photos.