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(Pocket-lint) - When you think of personal watercrafts, or Jet Bikes as most of us refer to them, you picture sunny times off a beach in the Caribbean going at a slow leisurely pace and looking forward to sipping a Pina Colada once you return to the resort bar.

But that shouldn't be the case, there are plenty of ways to enjoy them in the UK, as we found out for our latest Pocket-lint Adventure with the TomTom Bandit on a visit to Sussex Marine Water Sports near Brighton.

The TomTom Bandit is fully waterproof from the get go and comes with a dive lens cover included in the box ensuring water isn't a problem to have to worry about. The cover and the device are IPX8 rated which means it is protected to go down to 40 meters without any bother, and that makes it perfect for all types of watersports.

Pocket-lintpocket lint adventures out on the water with the sea doo rxt x 300 with the tomtom bandit image 2

Because we weren’t diving and were worried that the Bandit might go flying into the deep blue sea, we also fitted the action camera with the TomTom Bandit accessory the company dubs Floaty. It's a £14.99 optional buoyancy aid that ensures that if you do drop the camera overboard you won't have to go diving to retrieve it. Handy when you are out at sea.

TomTom Bandit kit secured and ready to record we headed out on the Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 with Marcel, a Frenchman who's been doing this for over a decade. 

The RXT-X 300 is the company's latest offering and packs a 300 horsepower Rotax 1630 Ace engine to ensure maximum fun and as we found out "air". And yes we had the performance limiter turned off. 

With nowhere to really affix the action camera to the machine that has been designed so you "become one with it", we rather precariously, at times, opted to use the TomTom Pole Mount (£54.99) to get not only greater stability in our shots, but also a better angle on the action. Watching the video footage, we certainly feel it helped.

The RXT-X 300 is incredibly capable as you would expect, it's the company's £15,699 flagship watercraft after all, and that means you can really pick up speed, something the TomTom Bandit was able to record thanks to its ability to overlay speed and other metrics like G-Force on the videos you record. At one point we experienced over 2.5g, which is akin to what a Formula 1 driver experiences when accelerating.

Sea-Doopocket lint adventures out on the water with the sea doo rxt x 300 with the tomtom bandit image 3

Bored of us sitting on the back or driving, badly we must add, Marcel kicked us off (on to a nearby craft controlled by Sea-Doo owner Joe) to show us "extreme".

He didn't hold back either, jumping through the air and performing tight turns that most of us could only ever dream about performing. The weather might have been turning nasty, but Marcel was enjoying the waves the squall that was quickly forming around us was creating. This really is a muscle car on the water. 

Back in the harbour and recovering from the adrenaline rush, we were able to easily check out the action from the warmth of our car. With instant sharing from your phone, and the ability to edit in an instance, the Bandit will make sure that everyone gets to see just how much fun you've been having, even straight away. 

The TomTom Bandit has been a great companion for this Pocket-lint Adventure and we can't wait to tackle the next.