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(Pocket-lint) - Obstacle Course Races are all the rage with many event organisers opting to see how muddy and gruesome they can go. Gung-Ho takes a different approach. Instead of mud filled sheep dips and obstacles involving you carrying logs up a hill until you are a bedraggled mess, it is a more family friendly approach.

The race, around Willen Lake in Milton Keynes in the UK, consists of a 5km run with a number of inflatable obstacles to clamber or bounce your way through. There's no timer, so you there's no feeling that you are being pushed by an ominous sweeper bus that might come and suck you up and spit you out the other end in shame.

Pocket-lintpocket lint adventures running the gung ho obstacle race with the tomtom bandit image 2

With the fun run approach well and truly at the heart of the experience, we took the TomTom Bandit along for the ride.

The tough exterior housing meant it was more than ample to take any knocks and bashes, while the wide angle lens meant it was no problem getting everyone in our group in on the action. Although there wasn't any water elements on the event loop it would have mattered anyway. The TomTom Bandit action cam lives up to its name there too capable of being submerged up to 40m.

We used the TomTom Bandit with the optional Pole Mount accessory (£54.99). The TomTom Bandit is a welcome companion, capturing the fun along the way. It's light enough to carry, but small enough to slip into a pocket.

With instant sharing from your phone, and the ability to edit in an instance, the Bandit was perfect for quickly sharing our antics with the rest of the team.

For this Pocket-lint Adventure we opted to use the desktop software that comes free with the TomTom Bandit. It allows you to quickly see the highlights automatically added by the cameras internal sensors while you were filming, or the ones you've either manually added at the time or after the fact in the editing process.

Once we'd found the best clips, we were then able to arrange them before adding a soundtrack. We then saved the finished short movie and uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to see. Quick, simple, easy.

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