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(Pocket-lint) - Jumping out of a plane used to be one of the most extreme things you could do. Then getting it all on film was the next level. Now it's all about not only filming the jump but editing it before you've even landed. We did exactly that using the TomTom Bandit action camera.

We took to the skies for Pocket-lint Adventures with the Infinite Skydiving team in Banbury. With ominous clouds starting to roll in we strapped on our TomTom Bandit, affixed our fetching helmet-onesie combo and got ready for the rush.

The camera was mounted minutes before we headed off and synched with our heart rate monitor. The connected phone was worn on the forearm like some sort of cyborg soldier. Since we simply needed to hit record and leave the kit working we were left with little else to worry about - aside from the whole potentially dying thing.

Strapped in we reached 13,000 feet and were told to shuffle to an open door, as you do. Feet dangling and deafening wind blaring we leant forward and let go. Noise, wind, adrenaline - the next 45 seconds were a free fall blur. Once the chute released, and we finished cheering, the phone was accessible. You just need a tap or two and a shake of your phone and the TomTom Bandit did the rest of the work end edited the video ready to share instantly.

While that part is easy, getting our fingers to stop shaking to press the screen when we landed was probably the biggest challenge.

The TomTom Bandit features a highlight option that marks parts of the video you want to highlight, and the easy to use editing software then allows you to put together a video of either your favourite bits, or highlights the camera believes you should feature based on speed, movement, or other factors. So in this case a tap on entering the plane, when we were just about to jump, another after the chute opened, and a further one on landing would all be options for a quick edit. Our "in-jump" video was done purely leaving it to the Bandit software.

Back on the ground and we had more time to edit a video using the three cameras we took to ensure we got every angle, and using the Bandit software is really easy.