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(Pocket-lint) - Although there's lots to do at ground level in Alice Holt Forest, Surrey, some of the greatest adventures are to be had in the tree tops. With separate Go Ape courses for both adults and children, there's plenty of monkeying around to be had, for big or little kids.

Go Ape is an easy adventure to get into, because you only need a brief introduction, and to demonstrate you understand how to use the equipment safely, before you're off climbing your first ladder into the treetops. After that, all you pretty much need is nerves of steel.

Mixed into the adrenaline-fuelled ziplines and confidence-challenging balance beams, there's a serene sense of calm. Those platforms are high, but the views are amazing. The sounds of walkers on the forest floor drift up, as you test your mettle again climbs, swings and all manner of high-wire trials.

The TomTom Bandit is a welcome companion, capturing the fun along the way. It's light enough to carry, small enough to slip into a pocket and thanks to its water resistance, it doesn't matter when it starts raining. 

The unique quick-release mount on the bottom has an added advantage, as you can set the camera down to film from a level platform without needing any extra stands or mounts. Thankfully, the smartphone connection means you can check the view before you start your daring crossing, and make sure you capture the action.

With instant sharing from your phone, and the ability to edit in an instance, the Bandit will make sure that everyone gets to see just how much fun you've been having.

The TomTom Bandit has been a great companion for this Pocket-lint Adventure and we can't wait to tackle the next.