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(Pocket-lint) - As keen karters we often visit one of the many TeamSport go-kart tracks in London, so when we decided to expand our Pocket-lint Adventures to take in a few laps, we could think of nowhere better.

The fact that we hadn't raced at TeamSport's London Docklands indoor track before was an added incentive to get down there. It's a one-level course, using petrol karts and a keen, winding track, so would give us a real work out.

We took along a TomTom Bandit action camera to document our experience and managed to capture some excellent moments of fast, frenzied fun.

The TomTom Bandit has a series of attachments, and we ended up using a wide array of them during our half an hour on the track. The helmet mount certainly proved useful to get those all-important first-person view shots.

As we say, the London Docklands track has excellent, fast straights with a couple of corners you can take at full pelt, so placing a camera on the side of the kart, using an adhesive covered mount, captured some great, close-to-the-ground moments.

The camera is also light enough to hold so, when the racing wasn't quite as furious, it was comfortable to hold and steer at the same time.

Perhaps the scariest moments came when driving and using the camera on a pole mount, held like a selfie stick, at the same time. It's not really advisable when full pelt racing (or even permitted), but while we were setting hot laps it captured a fantastic overview of the action.

Wearing a heart rate monitor at the same time gave us a great idea of how thumping go-kart racing can be at times. And thanks to a clever built-in feature, the action camera adds highlights of interest when your heart rate spikes. It did often and helped when editing the footage.

Having the TomTom Bandit to hand gave us some great evidence of why we love go-karting so much. We'll also be continuing to take it out on other Pocket-lint Adventures over the coming weeks.