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(Pocket-lint) - Swinley Forest in Surrey has a cornucopia of activities for those who like to enjoy the great outdoors. This expanse of pine forest is part of the Crown Estate, but also home to a great selection of single track routes for riders of all abilities to enjoy.

We hit the trails, in the first of a series of Pocket-lint Adventures, taking the TomTom Bandit action camera along for the ride.

There's something for everyone on the trails, with purpose-built tracks offering banked corners for fast descents, plenty of inclines to sweat up and clearly marked routes, divided into categories to suit your skill. You can even hire bikes if you need to - it saves cleaning it after!

The TomTom Bandit offers a wide range of mounting options, from handlebar mounts to helmet mounts and thanks to the quick release mechanism on the bottom, it's easy to switch from one to the other. You might not like selfie sticks, but the Pole Mount is a great option for capturing the action from a fresh angle.

This action camera also doesn't mind the spray from those muddy trails, just remember to keep the lens clean with a quick wipe whenever you stop for a breather, to keep your captured adventures looking nice and clear. 

The remote control button is a handy accessory for starting and stopping capture with minimal fuss and with easy pairing, the live viewfinder on your smartphone means you can check the alignment and instantly playback and share those epic wipeouts. 

We quickly edited this video using TomTom's software. The camera's sensors automatically highlight the action sequences, so it's easy to find the interesting parts of your adventure, pull them together and share them with friends. 

The TomTom Bandit has been a great partner for trail riding. We're now getting ready for our next Pocket-lint Adventure in a few weeks.