Sony has doubled its previous maximum capacity for the Memory Stick Micro with the launch of its first 8GB M2 card.

To put this into some context, the new Memory Stick Micro will give users a choice of over 5000 fine quality 5 megapixel photos or over 88 hours of high quality MPEG4 video (at 192kbps) on their mobile phone.

The new card will be part of a special promotion also including the 2GB and 4GB Memory Stick Micro products. During the summer, any customers buying one will be entitled to a free WAP download of the full version of Gameloft’s top-selling Brain Challenge 2.

All versions of the card will also come with the ultra-compact M2 USB adaptor to makes it easy and quick to transfer files to and from your PC.

No prices as yet but we'll keep you updated.