Leaked and now launched, Pocket-lint got hands-on with the new Sony Alpha 850 today at a launch event in London.

The new full-frame 24.6-megapixel (effective) might look familiar to a900 owners. As Sony themselves said at the launch it's "near enough exactly the same", but designed to give a semi pro spec camera at a more affordable price point.

The best approach is perhaps not to relay the specs of the a850, but rather point out the differences from the a900: a 98% optical viewfinder, a maximum 3fps continuous shooting and removal of the IR remote control.

Whilst it might be more affordable, we don't have final confirmation of what it will actually cost you, but it will be less than the a900's £2,499.

However Jacobs, the camera shop, currently have it £1899.99 body only and £2,349.99 with 28-75mm kit, more than the a900 which is £1,648.99 body only.

So here it is (pictured with Sony's 50mm F/2.8 Macro lens), hitting shelves in September. Check out our news story for the details, link below.