Here are a few images of Sony's latest compact cameras, as well as the company's is-it-wonderful-or-is-it-insane "Party Dock" product.

The cameras have a new type of sensor, which Sony reckons will massively cut down on the noise you experience when cranking up the ISO in low light conditions. There's also a selection of blur-reducing tools for similar situations.

The full specs are in our main news post on the subject, but during our brief play with the devices, we actually really enjoyed the well-implemented sweep panorama feature. We didn't get to test the low-light effectiveness, but have been promised a taste of that before they go on sale in September.

Oh, and the Party Shot is brilliant. Though massively paranoia-inducing. We were shown it in a small group, and everyone switched to trying to smile and talk at the same time when it was pointing at them. You just have to forget it's there, really. It has 10-11 hours of battery life, Sony says, which sounds to us like one hell of a party.

The TX1 will cost £330, with the WX1 setting you back £350. The Party Shot costs £130, but only works with the TX1 and WX1, so you'll be shelling out the best part of £500 if you want one at your next all-night-rave. All will arrive in September.