Sony is talking up the return of the slideshow, claiming the 21st century slideshow is now as popular with today's consumers as the original projector-powered version was in its Seventies hey-day.

"Friends and family are now sharing digital photos of their lives at every opportunity. The old slide show of the 1970s has been transformed. It has become a shared landscape of our lives, a landscape that is being made immortal through digital images", futurologist Ray Hammond is quoted as stating.

Recent research from Sony suggests that 90% of the UK believe sharing and showing images is now easier than ever before thanks to current technology available, while 60% of the UK would host a "slideshow party" to bring family and friends together.

Hammond continues:"Digital images have replaced words for many young people in the early 21st Century. The ease of creating and sharing images on the Internet has created a new visual language of 'the now'. Digital imagery is immediate, global and universal. Every individual is a photo-journalist reporting on his or her life".