Earlier in April, Sony announced the launch of their GPS-packing, Full HD camcorder, the Handycam TG7VE.

With a luscious titanium body and lightweight at 270g, the TG7VE is gunning in the small stakes, but with a £850 price tag, the Flips of this world needn't be worried.

With a 16GB internal memory, allowing 6 hours of Full HD 1080p recording, you'll also be able to boost this memory with a Memory Stick, accepting up to 32GB.

The 2.7-inch touchscreen features all the controls and having had a quick play around with it today, it seems simple enough to use. A record button and zoom dial sit on the back of the vertical camcorder, with an additional still picture button.

10x optical zoom and GPS will be features that appeal, allowing you to zoom in on the action both in real life and later on your map at home.

We got our hands on the new model, so grabbed a few shots for your viewing pleasure.

The base in the first few shots features all the connectivity, so you'll be able to hook-up to your HDTV for playback, whilst also charging the li-ion battery.

The Handycam HDR-TG7VE will be available in May.