Our sister photography site photography press has picked up that Sony is unlikely to be showing any new DSLR cameras at this year's PMA convention in Las Vegas next month,

As is always the case in the run up to a big event, the rumour mill has been churning out some juicy whisperings about what we may or may not be seeing at this year's PMA 09.

Among them have been stories that Sony would be making an Alpha DSLR announcement, possibly fuelled by the fact Sony launched its "flagship" DSLR model, the Alpha A900, at last year's PMA.

However Linda Barger, a spokesperson from Sony's camera and accessories department, has confirmed that there will be no such DSLR announcements, prior to or during PMA 09.

In fact, she said that the company would be concentrating on new consumer point-and-shoot cameras and accessories, some of which would be pro-oriented.

However, she did say that Sony would be "following up with digital SLRs" in the summer, so perhaps we can expect these rumours to come to fruition instead.

As far as the other big players in the industry go, there has been little news from any of them in the run up to PMA 09 so far, although there are a few weeks left for some announcements to be made.

Nikon did launch a new lens a few days ago for its DX-formatted DSLRs, leading many to speculate that a D300 replacement is on its way.

Whether any of this turns out to be true remains to be seen - but we'll be sure to bring you all the news as it happens, so keep checking back.