Sony has launched the "top-end" DPF-X1000 10-inch digital photo frame at CES in Las Vegas.

It is the company's first to offer a "super clear LCD" and TruBlack technology, which Sony says minimises the reflection on the display and adds more contrast.

Sony also launched the DPF-V1000, another 10-inch frame. Both frames offer new alarm clock, auto dimmer that adjusts based on lighting and a variety of slide-show features as well as auto power saving functionality.

The new frames offer an auto orientation sensor for portrait/landscape pics that lights up the Sony logo when the frame is horizontal, although this can be turned off.

The frames offer auto correction abilities, including automatically correcting the white balance in digital photos.

The DPF-X1000 has 2GB of storage and comes in black with wood trim. The DPF-V1000 gets 1GB internal memory and comes in black with silver trim.

Also announced are the 9-inch DPF-D92 and 8-inch DPF-D82 with built-in alarm clock and VGA LCD display with a 15:9 aspect ratio and 1GB of internal memory.

These wall-mountable frames offer the same clock, calendar and search functionality as the higher-end models. The DPF-D92 frame comes in black and brown, and the DPF-D82 model comes in black.

All the frames can work with an optional extra Bluetooth adapter, offer support for all the main memory card types and USB hook-up for transfer from PC.

The DPF-X1000 and DPF-V1000 digital photo frames will be available in March for about $300 and $250, while pricing and availability for the D92 and D82 models will be announced later this year.