We know that there are two new Sony Alpha DSLRs heading this way and that one will be for consumers and one for pros.

We know this because Sony themselves confirmed it at the PMA event back in March and showed off a dummy model.

The company has since said that the two new models are on schedule for release and will be "coming soon".

What we don't know is how these two new models will be specced out and rumours from France are now suggesting rather impressively indeed.

The translated specs have apparently been corroborated by another source independently whose - gotta love these sources - brother-in-law works for Sony.

These rumours suggest that the stand out megapixel counts, if they can backed by the right tech, are going to give the other DSLR manufacturers a real run for the their money.

The touted specs suggest the consumer model will get a near full-frame sensor boasting 14.4-megapixels. Previous rumours put the tally closer to 12.

Although it could be argued that a consumer model doesn't


that much pixel-power, the high count will appeal to those who want the perceived best model available.

The Pro Alpha model, due to be released in 2008, is said to have a whopping 20-megapixel full frame sensor, which would hands-down beat any competitor's offering.

Canon's £6k EOS-1Ds Mark II has a 16.7-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor but its very latest (and more pocket-friendly) offering, the EOS-40D, rumoured to be coming soon, is said to be a 10.2MP model.

Canon are holding a press event on Monday of next week to reveal their "Autumn" collection, which we will be attending, so we will bring you more camera news then...