A new technology that will allow you to write secret messages to users taking pictures via their digital camera or camera phone has been invented.

Called "kameraflage" the technology will enable people to add a second camera-specific layer of information to scenes not visible by the naked eye.

However almost magically, the technology requires no software for it to work, meaning it will be able to be seen by thousands of photographers around the world.

The company behind the Context-Sensitive Display Technology hopes to be able to offer it to organisations such as cinemas, on billboards and - most fun of all - clothing.

In an example on their site, the makers suggest clothing companies could use kameraflage to allow designers to create garments and accessories that speak specifically to those who are viewing through a digital camera viewfinder or who view the resulting digital image.

The adoption of the technology means that WYSIWYG will have to be changed to "What You See Isn't What You Get".