The new VRD-MC5 DVD Recorder claims to make it easier than ever to transfer home videos and digital photos to DVD.

The VRD-MC5 dubs video content from virtually any camcorder source – including all Sony HDD, DVD, DV and 8mm models – straight onto DVD.

It’s also the first DVDirect recorder that can burn HD 1080i footage from a High Definition Memory Stick or hard disk Handycam onto disc.

Operation appears fuss-free, there's no need for a PC or DVD authoring software. Just connect any Handycam directly or drop it into its Handycam Station docking cradle.

The VRD-MC5 automatically detects input signals from connected devices. Operating prompts are provided via the 2.5-inch LCD screen that doubles as a monitor for reviewing standard definition video and still images.

Footage is burned to DVD from HDD or Memory Stick Handycam models with a press of the camcorder’s "Disc Burn" button or a button on the docking station.

There’s also a record button on the VRD-MC5 itself for dubbing content at a single touch from a connected DV or DVD Handycam.

The VRD-MC5 can also archive all your digital photos to disc. Just put your camera’s memory card into the media slot and follow the simple on-screen instructions to burn images onto DVD.

Still photos can also be transferred via USB from a connected hard disk, DVD or Memory Stick Handycam for burning to disc.

The VRD-MC5 Compact DVD Recorder will be available throughout Europe from September 2007.