Sony has already announced that it will be expanding its Alpha range of digital SLRs with a new model this year and a pro model in 2008, and news coming in from the Minolta club website sheds more light on the models and suggests a launch is imminent.

Images have been revealed of one new Alpha - as yet no model name confirmed but thought to be the Alpha 200 - a new consumer version with an APS-C sensor model with the pro model (codenamed Aplha 300) expected to offer a full frame sensor.

The site speculates that the 200 model will have a 12.8-megapixel CMOS sensor and will be capable of live image preview.

A wide range of lenses for the Alphas has also been officially previewed, offering a good choice for the new models from telephoto lenses to wide angle options.

Leaked info on new lenses to fit the cameras show that they are full-frame, which seems to confirm the rumours that the pro Alpha 300 due in 2008 will be a full-frame model.