Sony, with the help of SanDisk, has launched yet another memory format. This time its digital camcorders that are getting what will be know as SxS.

The new format will offer high-speed transfer and be the same size as a ExpressCard making it easy to fit into a range of PCs and devices that already offer the slot.

The card connects directly to computer systems through the high-speed PCI-Express bus. ExpressCard has been rapidly adopted by PC manufacturers to replace the legacy PC Card form factor, giving the SxS memory cards broad support in post-production hardware.

Sony will adopt this high-speed SxS memory card specification in its “XDCAM EX™“ series professional camcorders. SxS memory cards from SanDisk and Sony are expected to be available later in 2007.

With transfer speeds of up to 800 megabits per second both companies are hoping that its transfer speed and size (34 x 5 x 75mm) will appeal to professionals.