SanDisk and Sony have teamed up to developer a new memory card format, the Memory Stick PRO-HG.

Expanded from the Memory Stick PRO format, the new card can reach a maximum capacity of a whopping 32GB.

The two companies say that the increasing popularity of portable digital entertainment devices and the need for a practical way to store high-res photos, music, and video content means that there's a demand for high capacity storage media.

The Memory Stick PRO-HG media uses an enhanced, 8-bit parallel interface in addition to a conventional serial and 4-bit parallel interface.

The interface clock frequency, whatever that may be, has increased from 40MHz to 60MHz, so that the maximum data transfer speed is increased up to 480Mbps, or 60MB/s, or three times as fast as that of the Memory Stick Pro.

Sony and SanDisk plan to release the cards some time in 2007.