Sony has launched a new device to make saving video and images from a camcorder to a DVD much easier.

The Sony DVDirect recorder bypasses the computer and allow you to plug your camcorder straight into it in order to record to a blank DVD. The devices feature built-in LCD screens, multiple interfaces, and real-time DVD recording.

They’re also compatible with still cameras and playback devices including DVD and hard disk drive recorder, and even VHS video cassette recorder.

The higher-end DVDirect VRD MC-3 also has memory card reader slots that accept five different types of card, as well as a PictBridge socket so that it can facilitate photo printing from images saved on a DVD, without the need for a CD.

It also comes with software for editing video and images, should you decide to hook it up to a PC.

The VRD-VC39 costs 249 euros, the VRD-MC3, 299 euros.