Sony's Handycam lineup became even more impressive today after the release of three hard disk drive camcorders.

Two feature 30GB hard drives, while a third conceals an impressive 60GB of space.

The top-of-the-line DCR-SR80 can store up to 41 hours of video in long-play mode or 14 hours of footage in high quality mode on its 60GB hard drive.

The 30GB models can each hold up to 20 hours of extended-play footage or seven hours in high-quality mode.

The camcorders hook up to a PC for easy transferal of video, or can be plugged into a TV or DVDirect DVD recorder.

A One Touch DVD burn button lets you record straight to DVD through a PC if you've edited successfully in the camcorder before downloading.

Although hard disks can be notoriously sensitive, Sony has taken measure to protect them with shock absorbers, G-sensor shock protection and video stream buffering.

The 60GB DCR-SR80 features a 2.7-inch wide LCD disply and a 12x optical zoom, both of which are shared by the 30GB DCR-SR60. The 60GB version costs $800, while the 30GB model goes on sale for about $700.

The 30GB DCR-SR40 has a slightly different feature set, with a whopping 20x optical zoom, six hour battery life, and smaller 2.5-inch LCD monitor, plus a touch panel. It's expected to hit the shelves at around $600.

Pre-orders are being accepted from 21 July at the Sonystyle website, with shipping scheduled for September.