Sony has launched two DVDirect DVD recorders simultaneously, one of which offers slightly more basic features than the other.

The VRD-MC3 can record video and digital photos directly from the camera to DVD, while the VRD-VC30 only accepts video.

Both devices stand alone and don't require a PC to perform their backup function.

Featuring built-in LCD control screens, multiple interfaces, and fast DVD recording, the devices are easy even for first-time users to operate.

The DVDirect recorders operate with any make of camera and playback device, including tape recorders, DVD or HDD camcorders, as well as HDD-based digital video recorders.

The VRD-MC3 with a 2.5-inch colour LCD also features slots for five of the most popular memory cards and hooks up to PictBridge photo printers so that you can save your images to DVD and print them off, all without a computer.

If the machines are hooked up to a PC, they can function as a traditional DVD burner so that you can create home movies and album slideshows to play on your TV.

The VRD-VC30 is available for about €249 including VAT, whil the VRD-MC3 is €299.