Although specs had been leaked on the net for some time now, today Sony put all the rumours to rest by launching the Alpha DSLR-A100.

The sensor is a 10MP Super HAD (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD, which supposedly allows more light to pass to each pixel for increased sensitivity and reduced noise.

Image Stabilisation is built in to the camera, rather than the lens, which many other camera manufacturers have opted for, while anti-dust technology has been incorporated into the camera in the form of a static-free anti-dust coating on the CCD filter and anti-dust vibrations to shake the CCD and dislodge dust.

Pocket-lint is eager to take a look at the Dynamic Range Optimizer that improves shadow detail and allows for the adjustment of dynamic range area-by-area.

Another feature that we've not seen before is the Eye-Start Autofocus System, which initiates auto-focus as soon as the viewfinder is brought up to the eye so that focussing on moving objects is quicker.

The screen on the back is a 2.5inch LCD, and the camera comes with a built-in flash.

The SAL-1870 lens that comes bundled with the DSLR features a focal length of 27-105mm in a 35mm equivalent, and a maximum aperture range of f3.5-5.6. The mount is compatible with previous Konica Minolta lenses

The cost is a bit higher than expected, as the recommended retail price in the US is $999 when it ships on 28 July.

Doug Harman, our digital camera man in the field is in Morocco putting the new camera through its paces. We hope to have a first look of the new camera in the next week.