Sony has announced that it will be created a new sub-brand for its range of Digital SLR cameras launching this summer.

The new brand name, α (Alpha), is the same name as Minolta has used for its SLR/DSLR cameras in the Japanese market for over 20 years.

Not wanting to miss out on a marketing spiel opportunity, Sony said in a statement:

"Meaning 'beginning' and 'essential', the symbol alpha embodies the spirit of Sony's approach to the DSLR market."

Under this sub-brand, Sony will produce a complete camera system of accessories and lenses to enhance the enjoyment of photography.

"People who have already made investments in many of Konica-Minolta's lenses and accessories will be able to take full advantage of Sony's new DSLR cameras", the company said.

"Our approach to DSLR camera design and engineering will allow us to offer a new high-performance system for today's digital camera users, as well as welcome the millions of Konica-Minolta owners who have Maxxum interchangeable lenses that are currently in the market", said James Neal, director of marketing for digital imaging products at Sony Electronics.